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Trinity Prologue


He’ll never know the emptiness his words left in my heart.

He’ll never know I stayed…

I listened…

Each beep a crack in my carefully constructed armor.

Each beep leaving a gaping hole in my heart.

His screams of pain and sorrow mirroring my own anguish.

Dimitri Petrov and Daniel Corelli are the biggest lies I’ve ever let myself believe in. They’re the ones who destroyed me before I could experience them.

Dimitri’s “Bring him the fuck back!” plays through my mind like a broken record. Each pain-filled word ensuring I made the right decision.

Danny dying has created this void inside of my entire being. I’m left grasping for air, fearing I’ll never breathe without this ache again.

Home—Russia—away from the two men who could never love me is where I belong. It’s where I intend to stay.

To die.


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