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Loving the Girl in the Tutu Excerpt

Agony blinded me until Beckett's fingers started playing with me again. He is a man who knows me all too well already. The orgasm that tore my body apart from his tongue and fingers alone was nearly enough to strike me blind. I’ve never experienced such pleasure in my life.

Now, the excruciating pain is nearly overwhelming until I relax my muscles and allow my body to feel the reverential way he’s touching me. “I’m going to move now, Royal,” he softly warns before I feel him pull back slowly, nearly all the way out. I almost panic until he pushes forward, a tingle deep in my belly making me hiss with an unknown pleasure.

“Yeah, you’re liking it now, aren’t you?” he groans into my ear, but I can’t answer as I attempt to hold on for the ride.

With each stroke, my body stretches a little more to accommodate his shaft, and in no time, the pain dissipates, replaced by a sense of ecstasy that should be illegal. My body hums with pleasure as Beck strokes rhythmically within my heat.

“You’re addicting, Royal.” He kisses the curve of my neck and shoulder before lowering his head to suckle at my breast. With each pull of his lips, I feel an answering twitch drag down to my core. The dual sensation nearly too much to hold me together.

A spark ignites between my thighs, and I know it won’t be long before he sets me off again. My stomach tingles as my thighs shiver and my clitoris pulses with this burning need he sets off inside of me.

“Beckett, please, more,” I beg, but I have no idea what for. I can only hope he does.

Sitting up, he drags my legs over his shoulders, and somehow, he feels deeper, thicker, more rigid. Gripping the sheets in my fists, I hold on for the ride this faster pace has induced. Each thrust of his hips sends a mirroring throb in my sex, begging for something I don’t understand. His turgid length stretches and fills every inch of me as he surges in and out, faster, more insistent. I feel blind with lust.

“Fuck, Royal. Fuck,” he growls like a beast, making my stomach quiver. “I’m going to come; tell me you need this.” Hooking my legs in the bend of his elbows, Beckett drops down over me, driving his member deeper. So far that I can’t breathe. “I’m going to fucking let loose everything I have right into this sexy little pussy of yours, Royal. I need to know you want it too.”

I can’t find the words to tell him that I want all of him, so I grasp his face in my hands and nod, imploring him with my eyes that I want precisely what he does.

Capturing my mouth in a possessive kiss, he slams into me a few more times before I feel him release inside my channel, his body shaking with the force of his climax, blissfully setting off my own. Tearing away from his mouth, I scream silently into the room as I nearly pass out from pleasure. My body becomes weightless as Beck continues to pump, ringing out every ounce of pleasure either of us has left.

“That was fucking beautiful,” he mutters but doesn’t move. Still holding my legs up, my hips are angled as he finally slides free of my heat. I can feel him jerking from the sensitivity of the cool air hitting him. “I’m famished.” He grins down at me, looking immensely satisfied with himself.

“Me too,” I mumble, enjoying the relaxed state he’s put me in.


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