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Little Girl Excerpt Reveal

“Little girl.” My body alights with butterflies at the use of the nickname they’ve each called me at least once in the few hours since I’ve met them. “When’s the last time you ate?” He comes around the counter to stand in front of me, closer than he ought to for a bodyguard.

I glance at the clock, knowing it’s been since at least breakfast when I only had a slice of toast. Shrugging, I avert my gaze from his intense look. He seems to say everything and nothing at all.

Lifting a hand slowly, I watch as he pushes a lock of hair behind my ear, weaving his fingers through the long, thick strands. “Never seen a color like this before. Natural?” I give a sharp nod. “Soft,” he mutters like he didn’t mean to say it.

“Everything alright in here?” I try to turn to see who that is, but Noble grips my hair tighter, keeping me in place but pulling me closer. He tugs a little, so I’m forced onto my tiptoes, and I whimper.

Fear or anticipation, I’m unsure.

Both, perhaps?

“Damn, that’s a sweet sound.” Lorde. That’s who’s behind me. There’s a smokiness to his voice that Duke and Noble don’t possess.

“We were about to make something to eat.” Noble’s eyes don’t leave mine. “I suspect Sol hasn’t eaten today. Is that right, little girl?” I attempt to nod, but his grip hasn’t loosened, so I bite my lip instead, trying to contain another whimper.

“Can’t have that.” Lorde’s tone is seductive as I feel his hands on my hips and the front of his body pressing into mine.

My eyes flutter closed, and my body sways between them. I’ve never had this type of reaction to a man before. I’ve never really been around one…not like this.

“Damn.” Duke. His tone is reverent and playful. I realize I won’t be able to look over at him, either, so I remain unmoving and wait. His hands sweep my hair off my shoulder, exposing the side of my neck, and my body jerks, the whimper I try to suppress slipping out, and they all tense.

Before I can make another move, my lips are claimed in the mother of all kisses. I gasp from the roughness of it. The way my body is held against Noble…and I know it’s him. The way his fist tightens in my hair and his hand flexes on my hip.

His tongue delves into my mouth, snaking past my own and licking at me, lapping like I hold a bowl of cream just for him. Feeling brave, I reach forward and grip his shirt in my agile hands, drawing him closer. I rub against him, enjoying what he’s doing to me.

“Flawless.” I feel another set of lips on my throat, right below my ear. Duke again. The man has an air of cockiness about him, and I want more. His confidence oozes off his body, and I hope to absorb some of it. I could use it when dealing with these men and trying to speak coherently to them.


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