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The In His Arms Series

Safe, In His Arms ebook.jpg

From USA Today Bestselling Author KL Donn comes the first standalone book in the In His Arms series.

Alpha. Fierce. Protective.

Onyx Inwood lives a strict life of order and strategy.

He knows every move he makes before he takes action.

As a detective in the NYPD he knows the city streets like the back of his hand.

So why, when he stumbles upon a wandering girl, does his world turn upside down?

Shy. Klutzy. Afraid.

Grace Hawthorne often forgets why she doesn’t like to leave her tiny apartment.

The world outside is huge, unforgiving, full of strangers & danger.

Her step-mother often says she lacks basic human knowledge.

When she meets a big scary man in the park, she forgets why she’s afraid of the world and embraces being safe, in his arms.

Tropes: Blue collar romance, forbidden love, age gap, cinderella inspired.

Bullied, In His Arms ebook.jpg

From USA Today Bestselling Author KL Donn comes the second standalone book in the In His Arms series.

Obsessive and determined. 

Law Brentwood is more than a high school kid. He’s more than he appears. Determined and on track to achieve his goals, he’s brought to a stop the day he meets Nell Tucker. When every primal instinct in his DNA surfaces and suddenly his world shifts and now he has new goals to attain.

Solitary and private.

Nell Tucker was used to the rude names, the back handed insults and sometimes—violence. After the loss of her mother, Nell’s dad moved them to the city where things were different. The pace was quicker and fitting in wasn’t so easy.
Until she met the new bad boy in school. The one with an intense stare that made her heart rate quicken.

Law makes promises no high school boy should, yet, she can’t help but believe him. Until she catches him in a lie. They begin to pile on faster than he can back track and soon secrets are revealed that neither had counted on.
Law is determined not to hurt Nell, so he does all he can to gain her forgiveness, but at what cost to her already fragile heart?

Tropes: High School Romance, forbidden love, age gap, swan princess inspired.

Triggers: Bullying

Coached, In His Arms ebook.jpg

From USA Today Bestselling Author KL Donn comes the third standalone book in the In His Arms series.

Trapped and frustrated.

Brynlee Willows is over the people in her life. Family, friends, everyone. 

Except Hunter, her nephew.

Her father wants her married.

Her sister wants to party, leaving Brynlee to take on the parental role.

And Hunter? He wants to hook her up with his little league coach.

Single and unattached.

It’s how Logan Dawson wants things to remain after his ex splits, leaving him to be both mom and dad to their son, Carter.

A chance meeting with his son's best friend’s aunt has Logan questioning his single status. 

When he finds out Brynlee's father wants her married in less than a year’s time or have a husband chosen for her, Logan steps up. 

Looking to put a ring on her finger and a baby in her belly, he’s unprepared for the shocking move her sister makes.

Will the pressure of marriage pull them apart, or will they become closer than ever in the end?

Tropes: Single parent, erotic romance, age gap, Aladdin inspired.

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