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Adair Empire

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From USA Today Bestselling author KL Donn comes the first book in the Adair Empire, a dark romance series.

King Adair runs his Empire with an iron fist. With brutality in his stare and a black heart beating in his chest, he doesn’t do love. 

He’s focused, driven, hard as they come.

Until Lilith Riley.

The girl who thinks she’s worthless. 

The girl ready to die by his blade. 

With a debt to be paid, an enemy on the rise, and his desires being tested, King is ready to bring his Queen to heel. When Lilith is taken, he’ll stop at nothing to bring her back and slay her demons. 

After discovering who their adversary is, a game of cat and mouse begins. Setting a trap, and discovering a spy in their midst, they’re all left wondering…

Who’s next?

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From USA Today Bestselling author KL Donn comes the second book in the Adair Empire, a dark romance series.

Sent to watch an enemy of the Adair Empire, Luther Sutton is stunned to find a redheaded beauty trapped in a hell much worse than anything he could have imagined and seeking her own destruction. Despite her beauty, he needs information only she can give. Ruthless, deadly and smart, he makes an offer: Help him and he’ll give her what she wants.

Ariel McCray has a death wish, one she tries–and fails–to execute. But the man who stops her from plunging to her death makes her a deal. A deal that after some debate, she realizes she cannot refuse.

But what happens when they both begin to feel?

What happens when Luther refuses to give Ariel the solace she seeks?

Ariel’s betrayal to her family sets off a course of actions no one is prepared for. She will die to protect the man she’s come to love, the man she now wants to live for.

Can Luther destroy her demons before she can sacrifice herself? Or will their once simple transaction be finalized with her death?

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From USA Today Bestselling author KL Donn comes the third book in the Adair Empire, a dark romance series.

Adopted to the Adair name as a young adult, Castiel Adair is loyal to one man and one man only – King. When King requests that he find those responsible for the near destruction of the Empire, Castiel finds himself wading through the swampy marshes of Louisiana. He remains in the shadows…watching, calculating, evaluating the right time to strike. Until he discovers a girl looking for a way out.


Talia Andersson wasn’t about to be a pawn in her father’s game, but she needed help. She wasn’t expecting that help to come in the form of the most intense and gorgeous man she’d ever seen. But she knew in choosing the enemy of her father to be her lover, was her only choice. Rescued only to be stolen again, Talia ends up bloodied, broken and left for dead.


Cas goes on a rampage in search of Talia all the while eliminating every threat from his new conquest’s life. With his brand marking her soul and only a few leads as to where she could be, will he find her before her time is up?  More importantly: can the Adair Empire last another fight against the McCray Clan, or will they be laid to rest?

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From USA Today Bestselling author KL Donn comes the fourth book in the Adair Empire, a dark romance series.

Arriving in Alaska, Atticus Kincaid has one mission – watch Thomas McCray’s sister. After weeks of waiting with no indication the Empire’s enemy is going to show up, Atticus makes his presence known. 

Catalina McCray was raised in the wilds of Alaska by a mother who ran from a past so dark Catalina was left defenseless. When Atticus storms into her life, Cat is unprepared for the explosions about to come her way. Even though he's ruthless, arrogant and demanding, he gives her body things she didn't know she wanted. 

With their desires taking over, and a lack of appearance with their matching foe, will they be ready when McCray comes for them? Will this be the time the Adair Empire wins, or will Thomas strike again?

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From USA Today Bestselling author KL Donn comes the fifth book in the Adair Empire, a dark romance series.

Beast, monster, boogeyman. Carver Rivers has been called many things in his lifetime & accused of even more. With single minded focus, he’s the one you want on your side. To fight your battles. Unfeeling and cold Carver grew up battling for freedom, fighting to become the well-known killer he is now.


Meeting Meadow Riley, Lilith’s sister, obsessing over her, he never anticipated what fear felt like. A fear so deep, so deadly it consumed him.


After believing the Empire’s enemy is dead, they’re shocked to find Meadow is missing and in need of a dark knighted savior. After finding her, Carver’s desires grew deeper and he longed for the innocent girl to accept the monster lurking beneath his skin.


Meadow aches to be loved as passionately as King loves Lilith. She yearns to be someone’s home, their safety. When Carver steps up claiming his need for her, will Meadow be strong enough to accept their intense desires or will Carver find himself fighting for something he never thought he would?



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From USA Today Bestselling author KL Donn comes the sixth and final book in the Adair Empire, a dark romance series.

Dimitri Petrov had one mission: protect and serve. He’s lived by the creed and would die by it. Working undercover wasn’t sunshine and roses, he was thrown to the wolves and then forgotten about. Abandoned by the organization he worked for.


Without a way to escape he remained in place. Kept up appearances and became the most trusted man in the McCray clan. When he’s given the chance to betray the men he was sent to infiltrate, he seizes the opportunity and prays it’s his way out.


Seeking solace in the Adair Empire, an organization he himself should have been seeking to destroy, Dimitri meets Daniel Corelli. A young man looking to rise in the ranks of a corrupt kingdom.


What he finds is a brotherhood living by a code he’d come to understand over the years. They weren’t good men, but they did right by their own. When tragedy strikes, and Daniel is left for dead, Dimitri is left wondering what to do next.


Danika Vashchenko wanted a normal life, one where she could be free of her family’s Russian ties. After meeting Dimitri and watching his suffering over Daniel, she quickly becomes stricken by the two men.


Unable to deal with the possibility of losing one of them, Danika leaves, rejection burning in her soul. Once found, will she be convinced that they’re stronger together?

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