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Luther Prologue



I watched for years as death was delivered day after day to more men and women than I could count at my young age. I sat mutely as my father killed to get what he wanted.

I tried to protest as he murdered family after family to sell their children into slavery. My cries went ignored as much as theirs.


I was raised in it like others were born to have play dates and go to nice schools with caring families. I watched from the sidelines as other kids ran to their loving parents, went to birthday parties, and joined soccer teams.

While I had to keep track of how many little girls an Arabian prince wanted to buy, or what type of boys a Chinese CEO wanted delivered. Why a Russian diplomat needed another shipment of babies?

I minded the books, took the payments, and organized deliveries.

I was every bit as culpable as they were.


That is my fate.


That will be my revenge.


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