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Dark Knight excerpt reveal

My hands fist at my sides. I don’t know where to touch him, how to touch him. His hands remain on my chin and hair, and as his tongue slips into my open mouth, our lips seal together, and he caresses me softly with its tip.

So soft it tickles.

So soft, I can imagine it in other places.

So soft that he leaves me wanting much, much more.

When he pulls back, a whine escapes me. I don’t want to stop, but I don’t know how to ask for more. “I have to tell you something,” he whispers, his mouth moving across my jaw to my ear. His breath warm like a brush from his hands.

“Okay,” I breathe out as he finally steps into my body, melding us together. Leaving no room for guessing about how he feels as I feel his rigid length poking into my belly.

I love that he’s so much bigger than me. I feel safe when I’m with him. Cherished when he holds me as he is now.

Little pecks of his mouth sweep across my neck and jaw before landing back on my lips. “From the second I saw you, I knew you were mine.” I gasp at his words; they’re very proprietary. “The first time I kissed you, I had one thought and one thought alone.”

His hands move down to the backs of my thighs, and he picks me up, spinning me so my back hits the wall. “What thought?” I pant as he rubs his length against my core, sending fire through my bloodstream.

Sucking my bottom lip into his mouth, a strangled moan glides up my throat, and my ears ring with the need he’s building inside me. “To breed you.”

A nervous laugh escapes me. “Like a dog?”

“Like you’re mine. Like if I knock you up, you’re tied to me for life, and nothing or nobody can ever take you away from me. Like a claiming of the ultimate prize.”

“You’re crazy,” I mutter, unable to process his words. “We don’t know each other well enough for that.” But inside, a thrill races along my spine at what he says. About how it makes me feel wanted.

Nolan wants me tied to him in the most incontrovertible way possible. He wants there to be no room for argument over the fact that he’ll forever be in my life.

Even after he tires of me.

Because eventually, he will.

“Whatever you’re thinking, fucking stop. You’re the girl I choose for me. And that’s all that fucking matters.” My eyes widen at this because he read my mind. He knew exactly what I was thinking. “No more fucking arguing,” he grunts as his mouth slams down on mine.

Swallowing any more protests I would have made, he possesses me in a kiss so deep I can’t breathe. As our tongues tangle, I feel him moving, and before I know it, there’s a mattress under my back, and he’s whipped his shirt off so swiftly that there’s only a second between us not touching.

My hands immediately seek out the heat of his bare chest as he comes down on top of me, his body covering me from head to toe, warming me from the cold I always feel. Fevered and excited, my legs move of their own accord, cradling Nolan’s hips between my thighs, knowing physically what it takes to care for a man with my body.

Licking across my lips, I open for him, and he delves inside, kissing and sucking with more hunger than I thought possible. I feel his desire, his need for me, through the carnal kiss. It’s nearly overwhelming. My own craving for more makes me lose my head.

Moaning into his mouth, I feel his hands travelling down my body, pushing my pants down my hips, past my thighs, and soon his fingers replace my panties. Covering the areas of my body no one else has ever seen or touched.

“Nolan,” I breathe on a whisper, begging, pleading, questioning.

“Right here, pretty girl. I’m right here with you.” He pants against my lips as our eyes meet while his fingers explore my sex, rubbing across the lips and pushing through the tightness of my entrance. “I knew,” he groans as I feel his fingers inside me. “I knew you were a virgin, but I didn’t realize the effect it would have on me. The effect you would have on me, my pretty little Bea.”



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