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His Wicked Obsession Excerpt Reveal

Stars float in and out of my vision, but not in the sky. Not the pretty ones you make a wish on and dream of, nor the ones you can purchase and name. No, these are the ones that let you know something is wrong. The world is not right when you see these stars.

The bright white tiny little dots are annoying when you try to bat them away. Pushing them out of your vision is not possible, and they play tricks on you, making you think they’re something else when they’re not.

No, these stars are not the ones I want to see. Because while I’m seeing them, I don’t know if anything is real.

Like Donato.

I see him, feel him, hear him when he speaks to me. But the stars, they float around his head and make me believe something else is happening.

“Donato?” I say his name just as a loud bang reverberates around the room.

That was real, right? It was too startling not to be.

And if that was real, then the man standing in the doorway to my room must be, too. “Donato?” I cry out on a sob. “Please be real.” My head might be fuzzy, and my body is lethargic, but I see him. I know I do.

Don’t I?

“I’m here, cara mia,” he replies. His head turns back to me, but tears swim in my eyes, and he goes blurry. “Stay strong a little longer, mia Bella.”

Closing my eyes, I focus on my breathing, counting in and out. Exhaling slowly. Inhaling deeply. I need this to be real because if I open my eyes and he isn’t here, I’ll break.

Whimpering when I hear a door slam, I cry out as hands touch me. “Open your eyes, cara mia. Show me those incredible green emeralds.” His voice is so close. So real. Biting my lip, I slowly blink my lids open. His smiling face is here. I’m not alone. “There’s Daddy’s pretty girl.” I gasp, and my body jerks at his words. “You ready to go home now?” I don’t do or say anything because the home I had no longer feels like it.

Donato gets to work on untying me. My entire body aches as I move, and I wince when I notice the bruising and dried blood on my raw wrists. Without looking, I know my ankles are in the same shape. Surprisingly, this man does not hesitate to pick me up when I bite back a cry of pain as I sit up and try to stand.

Lightheaded, the stars intensify. “I’m too heavy.” My protest comes out slurred.

Kissing my temple, he only tells me, “Daddy’s got you.” Warmth floods my body with safety, and I relax in his hold.

As he makes his way out of the room, the harsh lights nearly blind my sensitive eyes. Burying my face in Donato’s chest, I keep them closed until he stops moving.

“Bella.” Lude’s voice makes me flinch away. “Fuck,” he curses.

“Don’t make me,” I whisper only loud enough for the man carrying me to hear.

“Never. You’re mine now, cara mia. No more running. No more denying us.” I can only nod. When he begins speaking again, I drown everything and everyone else out. I need the security he’s giving me right now. I need the solace his strong arms provide by holding me so close to his heart. The thundering beat emits a comforting sound that helps relax the tension from my muscles.

Before I know it, I’m falling asleep in his arms, wondering if we’re returning to Malta or if he meant his home. Sicily was so beautiful when I was there for Bria’s wedding. I wouldn’t mind going back. Staying. Creating a life there.


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