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From USA Today Bestselling Author KL Donn comes a standalone small town menage romance.


Gray Ryhan is the girl next door. A dark haired, green eyed beauty. 

Only she has one flaw.

Or so society says…

She’s tattooed and pierced.

Familiar with the sting of unjustified stigma’s, rejection became her best friend, and betrayal kept her warm at night.

As the black sheep of her family, why would she risk going home at her father’s request only to be criticized and belittled again? Why would she leave the comfortable warmth of her tattoo parlor?

Three reasons:

She was running.

Callan Young.

Eli Ford.


Roommates, business partners, best friends.

They shared everything.

Callan Young and Elijah Ford were tired of being alone.

They wanted to find that one special woman.

They found new possibilities in a spit fire tattoo shop owner, when they went looking for what they thought was a man; the best man in the business. 

Turns out he is a she.

After one passionate night, she ran away before they could tell her they wanted more. Before they could tell her, they wanted forever.

They’d give her three reasons to come home though:

The love of two men who would worship her.

Enough happiness to last a lifetime.

The family she always craved.


I fell in love five years ago with a woman who was so untouchable, I was forced to let her go.

Forced to watch as she suffered in silence and worked through her agony.

Jossilyn Marlowe was a woman locked in the past, filled with the darkest secrets I’d ever seen.

When the opportunity presents itself to work my way into her life once again, I don’t hesitate. 

Danger is lurking and she’s finally ready to accept the fact she’s always been mine.


Braxton Hughes is a man of darkness, secrets, and obsession.

Leaving him was the hardest thing I’ve ever done.

I wasn’t ready for the claim he was ready to lay on me.

I am now.

I’ve grown up, lived a life I never dreamed could be mine.

But when a threat appears and our worlds collide, I’m not going to let our love slip away again.

No matter who is after me.




Ravaged & Bred is an all-new MMF standalone story from USA Today Bestselling Author KL Donn in her interconnected Atalanta Prep World.

Vicious and Chaos Marshall grew up in the system together,
never having anything as their own.

Never wanting to relinquish that kind of control to someone else.
Not until they come across their hot, young, fertile new neighbor.

Birdie Douglas.

Sweet, shy, timid, they see in her what they’ve never noticed in another woman.
A chance at another life,
with a child all their own.

All they need to do is convince the innocent young thing that they’re in it for more than just her ability to breed with them.

They want her heart,
her secrets,
and yes, her womb.

But most importantly, they want to love her until the end of their days.

Tropes: Breeding Kink, Why Choose, MMF Elements, Rescuing Damsels, Claiming’s


From USA Today Bestselling Author KL Donn comes a text-to-lovers, whirlwind Christmas romance where everything goes wrong in all the right ways.

Leon: Hey Carly, I need a favor…
Star: Sorry, wrong number!
Leon: There’s this thing on Christmas Eve…
Star: Wrong number! 😊
Leon: I need a date…
Star: I said, wrong. Number. 
Leon: Thought you’d like to go with me?
Star: You don’t take no for an answer.
Leon: Nope.
Star: No text to lovers crap, got it?
Leon: What if we’re soulmates?
Star: I doubt it but at least it’ll be an adventure!
Leon: I’ll make sure it’s a night you never forget! 😉

This Christmas Eve join NHL’s dream boat center, Leon Broussard, as he convinces small town pre-school teacher, Star Light, that just because they don’t know each other, doesn’t mean they can’t fall in love… Or get snowed in, in the swankiest hotel in all of New York City!


The Louisiana Black Bears has been our life our entire NHL career. We play hard, we hit hard, and we fuck harder.
So when we’re introduced to Club Sin NOLA, we immediately sign up to play in the darkest room the club offers…
Room Twenty-Eight.
With one intention: sharing a woman who has no idea she’ll be getting all three of us.
What we don’t expect is the obsession that overtakes us from the very first touch.

I’ve been dying to lose my virginity in the most scandalous way for over a year now. I never told anyone because it’s my darkest secret.
Surely, I’d be shunned for even mentioning it to a single soul.
So I’ve kept it locked up tight until I accidentally came across an ad for Club Sin in New Orleans.
Before I can chicken out, I’m on my way to Room Twenty-Eight and the most exhilarating night of my life.

I give them my heart…

Diesel Liberty: The burly defenseman with a passion for making me scream.
Colton Hall: The sweet center who holds his heart on his sleeve.
Major Reeves: The stern goalie who can make me squirm like nobody’s business.

…they give me theirs.

What could possibly go wrong?

Tropes: Reverse harem, hockey romance, why choose, age gap, virgin heroine, celebrity heroes, blogger heroine

Triggers: Con non-con, drugging, abandonment 


Hired to protect the golden girl of the swimming world, we weren’t supposed to fall for her.

Sol Titan is everything perfect in this world.
She’s sunlight and happiness.
Innocence and freedom.

Everything we are not.
Everything we shouldn’t take.

But we do.
We bask in her light.
We claim her innocence.

The world doesn’t deserve her.
Hell, neither do we.
But at least we’ll spend our lives proving our love and taking care of her.

Our Little Girl isn’t ready for three Daddies, but she has no problem declaring us as her own from the minute we meet.

And when push comes to shove, we’ll protect her from everyone conspiring to steal her happiness and freedom by putting a baby in her belly and a ring on her finger.

Tropes: Somnophilia, marking, anal fetish, reverse harem, MMM elements, why choose, fairytale retelling, age gap, protectors to lovers

Triggers: Graphic violence, shooting, kidnapping, assault on the heroine


“There’s no contingency to my love or desire for you, Ady. I’ve waited years for you. Trust me when I say, now that I’ve got you, I’ll wait as long as you need.”

I’ve longed to hear the words of love from a good man.
A dependable man.
For so long, I didn’t believe I’d ever deserve more than what I’d been offered.
He made me see I was wrong.
I deserved love. Happiness. Him.

Brantley Marbury.
The hero I didn’t know I needed.
The man who stole my heart with a simple touch, sweet words, and a flaming desire to claim me.
The thing with happiness, though, is that it can be ripped away at a moment’s notice.

For so long, the Running M Ranch was my life.
After my father died, I spent years funneling all my energy into ensuring its success.
But as Pops once told me, all the success in the world doesn’t mean a damn thing without the love of a good woman at my side.
I had no idea how true his words were until I met her.

Adilynn James.
A girl more than a decade younger than me and carrying more baggage than someone so young should.
Sure, she comes with a little brother, a piece of shit mother, and a lack of confidence like I’ve never seen, but she’s worth it.
Her heart speaks to my soul, and I know I’ll do anything to claim her as mine.

From USA Today Bestselling Author KL Donn comes a sexy-as-sin, cowboys-do-it-better romance filled with family drama, a possessive rancher, and a heroine just hoping to survive.

Tropes: He falls first, cowboy romance, rich/poor, first love, age gap, small town romance

Triggers: Parental abuse, violence against the heroine, neglect

Get Holding out For A Hero in

Hardcover or Paperback

Audio and details coming soon.

DLSM KL Donn.jpg

Dear Callum,
I’ve wanted to say I love you for so long.
Far longer than should be legal.
Now you’ve given me everything and I can’t stop shouting it from the rooftops.
Even if it’s wrong.

Dear Adalee,
I never imagined a life with love again.
You walked in and everything changed.
I changed.
For better or worse, you’re mine.

Take a journey through the Loving My Soldier collection as hearts draw the line in the sand, ensuring love is found in the most unlikely of places.

Last Chance Love ebook.jpg

Get ready to warm up this winter in USA Today Bestselling author KL Donn's latest small town holiday romance in the mountains of Alaska.

Recluse. Mountain man. Loner.

It’s what everyone has decided I am. I don’t mind. 

I craft furniture in the winter and chop down trees in the summer.

I live a life of simplicity and until she showed up, I had no idea what I was missing.

EmaLeigh Ruin is about to turn my world upside down and I ain’t even mad.

My new mission in life is to make her smile.

To hear her sigh my name as I’m buried deep inside her body.

And if her son comes as part of the packaged deal, so be it.

I was fond of the kid from the start.

All I need to do is convince my sweet Ema to give love one last chance.

Or I might lose her forever.

London's Calling ebook.jpg

From USA Today Bestselling Author KL Donn comes an all new sexy standalone novella about a sexy British cop and his quirky Canadian girl.

London Eye, Big Ben, Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square.

What do they all have in common?

They’re in London, England.

What don’t they have in common? Me. London Manchester. Named for the beautiful city I long to visit one day. The rich history, the beautiful sights, I want to explore it all.

What I don’t expect to do is land in this majestic country and find love with a sweet and sexy British cop on suspension for assaulting a well-deserving suspect. I don’t expect to never want to leave, either. To become so addicted to that sexy accent, those loving words, and did I mention the accent?

London is calling, and the name is Quinn Page.

Get the matching notebook!
Journal PR 2.jpg

From USA Today Bestselling Author KL Donn comes a standalone taboo romance that is sure to set fire to your ereader for days to come.


Holly Teller is off-limits. 

Knight Riley has been fighting his attraction for years. 

Finally, enough is enough, and Knight devises a plan that Holly can’t resist.

Will they finally have their time or will they let love escape them?

Saving Their Princess ebook.jpg

From USA Today Bestselling author KL Donn comes an all new menage romance stepping into the world of magic and fantasy in a sexy fairytale retelling.


Once upon a time… 

Isn't that how love stories begin? 

Not this time. This is not a love story. 

This is the untold story of Sleeping Beauty and how Princess Arianna of Graeline was conceived out of darkness and lies.

Born into a kingdom on the brink of disaster, she remains hidden away from the world as protection against a vengeful curse. 

A love curse.

Malevolence has invaded the land of mystery, and the dark mage has decided it’s time to collect on her favor. The price…

The princess.

Until the king calls for a savior. Or two?

Asher “Apollo” McCall and Matthew “Ares” Norbury have worked countless missions together. Named after the Greek gods they resembled, they were considered the biggest and baddest until tragedy struck. Their team was slaughtered, and they were left for dead.

Neither man ever foresaw a life of peace, but gazing into the eyes of the young, defiant princess for the first time, they catch a glimpse of what could become their world. 

How far will they go to make the enigmatic royal theirs?




Can these two "princes" beat the odds, save the princess, and live happily ever after?

Or is Arianna destined to die, imprisoned by a curse out of control?

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Love Comes After ebook.jpg

From USA Today Bestselling author KL Donn comes a brand new standalone arranged marriage romance.


On a desperate desire to be loved, Megan Dolan agrees to an arranged marriage. To a man she’s never met. Styled, fitted and ready to say I Do, she gets cold feet walking down the aisle. 

But then, there he is. 

Her future husband. 

The man meant to be hers.

Until she blurts out the words, I’m pregnant, in an effort to scare him off. 

Only he doesn’t run. 


Jordan Maxwell is focused on running the family business. Marriage and babies didn’t enter his mind until his parents give him an ultimatum. 

Marry or lose it all.

What he didn’t know was they wanted him to find love and they found the perfect girl.

Soft brown eyes suck him in from the moment he sees Megan and when she confesses a shocking secret at the altar, he isn’t dissuaded. 

All he has to do is convince her that love can come after the I dos.

A tropical honeymoon won’t keep the real world away for long though. Will Jordan and Megan’s love last once they’re home and faced with their arrangement or will they be left broken hearted and alone?

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