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His Protection Excerpt Reveal

We’ve been playing cat and mouse games for two days now. I’m the mouse, she’s the tricky little cat. Never knowing when she wants to pounce but always keeping an eye on me. Eyes I always feel watching me. Whether from inside the walls or around the corner, Bria is curious about me.

When I know she’s around, I use it to my advantage and speak to her. Not directly, but I say things I want her to know about me, my family, Isabel and her life outside the church. I give her tidbits of information that I hope she’s curious enough to ask for more about.

Josef has been scarce around the house since our little confrontation out front. He no longer lingers when Bria enters a room, knowing I’m onto him. I suspect he goes into her room at night though, which really fucking pisses me off.

My goal right now, aside from gaining her trust, is to gain access to her room at night. I want her to invite me in. To know that I will protect her from anything and anyone trying to do her harm.

Neonata,” I know she enjoys the pet name I call her. Her entire face softens when I say it. “I know you’re watching me,” it’s the first time I’ve called her out directly, “I’d really like to speak to you, if you’ll come out? Perhaps we could take a walk on the grounds. You can show me your favorite spot.” I know she has one. A sprawling estate like this, she must.

Flipping the page of my book, I see movement from the corner of my eye. Her long black hair is swept up in a tangled knot on her head, she wears a knee length yellow skirt and a light pink thick strapped tank top that accentuates her abundant breasts.

I won’t say I’m not attracted to her, she’s a beautiful girl with a voluptuous body that I would love to map out with my hands and mouth. She has a unique scent too, it lingers in every room after she’s left it. That’s partly why I know she’s been in one after I’ve entered.

Waiting for her to come fully into my view before I give her my attention, I smile at her bare feet. Her little toes are painted a maroon that highlights the light tan of her flawless flesh.

“Will you take a walk with me?” I give her my eyes so she can see I mean her no harm. I’ve never bared myself to anyone the way I do her. Not even Anya. A woman I had intended on spending the rest of my life with. She didn’t know me half as well as Bria does now. It’s a sobering thought. I have to force my face to remain open and honest instead of the scowl that wants to take place.

She gives a quick nod and chews on her lip, bruising it her with porcelain white teeth. I’d like to be bruising them myself for an entirely different reason.

Bria leads the way outside. Her toes flexing in the grass, and she lets out a little sigh that tells me she enjoys the feeling of plush grass between her delicate toes.

We walk for a few minutes before I brush my fingers against hers, locking our pinkies together. I’m surprised when she doesn’t pull back. I don’t push for me, not yet.


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