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His Fight Excerpt

“I can’t wait to get my tongue between these thighs of yours, amore. Taste your sweet cream. Watch you come all over my face.” She melts against me. “You’d like that wouldn’t you, Amalia? After watching them?”

“I want to.” She breathes the words, her eyes transfixed on the couple in front of us. “I want to be lost the way she is. To be a slave to my lust and enjoy it.”

“The fear stops you.” I know being here isn’t a cure-all. Amalia has years of work ahead of her. I plan to be there every step of the way too. To be her rock when she needs one.

At her nod, I kiss the side of her neck, inhaling her sweet scent, and tell her, “Look at them. Really look. What do you see? What do you like?”

Her head rolls from side to side as she watches them critically. Her nails dig into my arms seconds before she speaks. “His touch is reverent. Like he worships her.” Surprisingly, she turns in my arms, gripping my shirt in both of her tiny fists. “But it’s the way he watches her. The look in his eyes as he’s thrusting that I want.”

My eyes narrow as unexpected jealousy inflames the blood in my veins. “I want that. The need, desire, craving to be everything she is. The attentive way he takes cues from her reactions when touching her in certain spots.”

Gripping her hips, I step in closer to her body, allowing Amalia to feel the erection behind my jeans because I need her to know that I’m damn sure ready to give her absolutely everything she wants or needs. But it’s the look in her eyes that stops me from commenting.

“I ache to be the center of someone’s universe, Santi. I’ve forgotten what it’s like to crave something for myself. You’ve reminded me of that. I’m not ready for sex or intimacy. Not yet. But this”—her hand waves between us and around the room—“I’m ready to explore this because before Bart, before he ruined me, I had dreams of you. Of the way you would be obsessed with me but genuinely love me, and I I need...that. More than my next breath.”

“You dreamed of me, huh?” Her hand taps my chest playfully when I smirk.

“Not specifically.” Christ, she’s gorgeous when she smiles. “But I couldn’t have imagined a better man than you.”

Tilting up her chin, I lean down, giving her time to pull away before settling my lips over hers. It’s cautious at first, just our lips touching, breathing in the same air, but then she raises up on her toes. I slide my hands down her ass, squeezing the globes before lifting her in my arms and stepping back as her legs wrap around my waist. Sitting down, she settles in my lap as I deepen the kiss.

Nipping at her lip, I suck on it before fucking my tongue into her mouth and tangling with hers, exploring every crevice as she struggles to pull in air. Moving away, I kiss along her jaw and down to her ear, whispering, “Breathe,” as I suck on the lobe. “When you’re ready for more, I will be here, amore. I’ll show you there isn’t a piece of you that shouldn’t be worshipped and revered.”


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