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From USA Today Bestselling Author KL Donn comes an all-new mafia series with dark elements, co-written with Award Winning Author E.M. Shue. His Fight is book 4 in the Mafia Made Series.

Her fight becomes his, and Santi won’t let her go.
Santi Cardarelli has spent his adult life fighting for the freedom of a country that betrayed him. Dishonorably discharged because of his familial ties, Santi is back in Sicily and moving on. Or trying to anyways.
Becoming a part of the family business, Santi sets about doing what he’s always sought to do: protect those who can’t protect themselves. So when a young woman finds herself on his doorstep, bruised, afraid, and ready to give up, Santi steps in without question.

She’s the one thing he never knew he was missing.
Tormented and fighting for her life, Amalia Russo is on her last rope and desperate for help. Ready to succumb to her fate, she tries one last time and goes to the Cardarelli family at the suggestion of an old family friend.
Rumors around Sicily are the Mafia that was once feared, now helps in ways the authorities won’t or can’t. With her ex hot on her tail from Tuscany, Amalia knows that if Santi Cardarelli turns her away, refuses to come to her aide, death will be her only option.

Ready to claim the woman who is knocking on death’s door, Santi will burn down the entire island to ensure her safety, but will Amalia allow him to take on a fight that isn’t his own, even if she did come to him for help?

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