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Safe, In His Arms excerpt!

“Grace?” I ask as she places bruschetta down on the sideboard beside the table.

“Yes.” Her cheeks are flushed.

Holding out a hand, I wait for her to come to me. She places her palm in my own as softly as a butterfly’s wings, and I turn in my chair. Lifting her legs to drape on either side of me, I cradle her hips in my hands, marveling at how well she fits against me.

“Onyx.” She breaths softly, looking up through her lashes shyly. “What are you doing?”

I don’t say anything, not right away. I admire her. Her innocence, her strength, her desire to trust me. “I wanted to go slow, Gracie.” She licks her lips. “I wanted to give you time to be sure of how you feel.” Her sapphire gaze sparkles with what she’s likely too nervous to voice. “I want you to be mine.”

Cupping the back of her head, I don’t give her time to respond to my demand as I close the distance between us and capture her soft lips with mine. I kiss her slowly at first, giving her just enough time to pull away before I slide her hips closer to my rigid length. When her breath catches at the contact, I deepen the kiss. Her little mewls and sighs prompt me to go deeper, explore more.

Grace’s arms wrap around my neck, and she arches her back so her perky tits brush my chest. Her hard nipples can be felt through the fabric of our clothes, and I can’t wait to get a taste. Sliding my hands around her back, I find the tab for the zipper and gingerly slip it down, exposing the soft flesh of her back as I go. My knuckles caress her skin and goosebumps breakout as she shivers in my lap.

Pulling back from her eager kisses, I admire her desirable form draped on me, anxiously waiting for more. Hooking the straps of her dress in my fingers, I guide them down her arms, unveiling her succulent frame, discovering that her flush of desire starts in her chest and rises to her cheeks.

“Gorgeous, Gracie.” I praise her quietly and am pleased to see her blossom from rosy to crimson. Her dress pools at her waist, leaving nothing but her pussy to my imagination.

“Thank you,” she whispers softly, hiding behind her hair now.

“No need to be shy, princess.” I don’t like her hiding from me, but it’s also arousing for me to have to chase her.

“No one’s ever seen me before…” She tails off, turning her head to the side and leaning forward, resting her head on my shoulder.

Rubbing my face into her neck, I lay a gentle kiss on the back. “I’m honored, Gracie.” My hands roam across her back and thighs as she grows comfortable in my lap with her nudity.

An idea forms as I hold her, and I pull my phone from my pocket. I hit a music app and open a random playlist. Light music comes on about dancing, and I encourage her to stand.

“Dance with me, Gracie,” I request as her dress falls to the ground, leaving her in nothing but light purple cotton panties. My mind blanks, and I have to fight my way back to rational thought. “Fuck, you’re a gorgeous creature,” I mutter, leaning forward to kiss just above her navel.

“Onyx, please.” Grace sounds like she’s trying to dissuade my notion and beg me for more all at once.

Kissing my way up her stomach to her breasts, I hold her hips in place, so she can’t backstep from me. I rub my scruff against one nipple, chaffing her skin, before sucking the hard peak into my mouth. The taste of cherries explodes on my tongue, and I can’t hold onto my groan of pure delight for this woman. Letting her go, I give the same attention to the other mound, and her hands grip my hair tightly, pulling the strands as I work her into a frenzy.

“Oh my,” she whispers into the room.

Standing tall, I pull my shirt over my head, needing to feel her bare against me. With one hand on her hip and the other holding her hand, I guide her into a slow rhythm to a country song I don’t recall.

In my arms is where Grace belongs, and I’m going to show her just how right this is.


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