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From USA Today Bestselling Author KL Donn comes Forgive My Sins, an Odessa Organization spin-off dark romance that will have you questioning everything you thought you knew. 

Forgive me,

For I have lied.

I did heinous things.

Committed devious crimes.

I’m trying to atone, to make things right.

But then there she is.


Enraging me more and more with each word spoken until I can’t stand it anymore.

Blood must be spilled.


Forgive me,

For I have sinned.

I’m unpure.




I tried to stop it.

But I couldn’t, I’m weak and now I must confess.

Except he isn’t interested in absolving me.

He wants to claim me.

They want to claim me.

And heaven help me,

I want them too.

Please Father,

Forgive My Sins.

Tropes: Why choose, reverse harem, MFMM, best friends older brother, soul mates

Triggers: S/A on heroine, killing after confessions, violence and mayhem

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