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From USA Today Bestselling Author KL Donn comes Forgive My Sins, an Odessa Organization spin-off dark romance that will have you questioning everything you thought you knew. 

Forgive me,

For I have lied.

I did heinous things.

Committed devious crimes.

I’m trying to atone, to make things right.

But then there she is.


Enraging me more and more with each word spoken until I can’t stand it anymore.

Blood must be spilled.


Forgive me,

For I have sinned.

I’m unpure.




I tried to stop it.

But I couldn’t, I’m weak and now I must confess.

Except he isn’t interested in absolving me.

He wants to claim me.

They want to claim me.

And heaven help me,

I want them too.

Please Father,

Forgive My Sins.

Power comes at a cost and these men have sacrificed their souls. They know violence, death, and how to walk in the gray, but that doesn’t mean they are without weakness. The women they love are their light and they would scorch the Earth to protect them. This December meet the men who rule their empires of crime and the women who stand by them while darkness reigns.

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