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Dangerous Affair

Amnesia/suspense romance


Romantic suspense

Petro cover tease

Obsessive/Organized Crime Romance

Vasyl cover tease

Enemies to Lovers/Organized Crime Romance


Single Dad/Nanny/ Organized Crime Romance

Holiday/Single Mom/Mountain Man Romance

Killer Prince ebook tease

Vigilante/Single Parent Romance

Tortured Duchess ebook tease

Age Gap Romance

Broken Princess ebook

Menage/Stalker Romance

She pursues him/Fake religion

Protector to Lovers Romance


Age Gap/Kidnapping Romance


Dark High School Romance

Nowhere To Run ecover

Best Friend's Little Sister Romance

Explosive Encounter ecover

Surprise Pregnancy Romance

Missing in Action ecover

Emotional Torment Romance

Arrogantly Obsessed ebook

Office Romance

Accidental Obsession ebook

Western Romance

Obsessive Addiction ebook

Killer Romance

Possessive neighbor

Neighbors to Lovers Romance

Taking Emmaline ebook

Sold to the Bratva Romance

Adair Empire Series cover

Limited Edition Boxset Paperback

MMF Dark Romance

Psychopath Dark Romance

Obsessive Dark Romance

Enemies to Lovers Dark Romance

Self Sacrifice Dark Romance

Dark Romance

Loving the Girl in the Tutu ecover

Emotional Romance

The Girl Who Was Meant To Be Mine ecover

Best Friend's Little Sister Romance

A Girl Worth Fighting For ecover

Single Dad/Nanny Romance

London's Calling ebook

Foreign Romance

Love Comes After ebook

Arranged Marriage Romance

Saving Their Princess ebook

Menage/Fantasy Romance

Unraveling Love ebook

Menage Romance


Step-Sibling Romance

Cowboy Bodyguard ebook

Cowboy Romance

Dreaming of California ecover

MMF Romance

Before Noah ebook

Surprise Pregnancy Romance

Embers Falling

Romance Prequel

With Kol ebook

Hiding From Her Past Romance

Until Arsen ebook

Obstacles to Love Romance

Redemption Romance

Bully Romance

Snowed In ecover

Age Gap Romance

Treat Me ecover

Student/Teacher Romance

Dirty ecover

Forbidden Romance

Coached, In His Arms ebook

Aladdin Inspired Romance

Bullied, In His Arms ebook

Swan Princess Inspired Romance

Safe, In His Arms ebook

Cinderella Inspired Romance

Unchained ebook

Religious Romance

One Choice ebook

Fighter Romance

One Chance ebook

Blue Collar Romance

Love Letters Boxset ecover


Dear Steele ecover

Best Friend's Older Brother Romance

Dear Lena ecover

Secret Admirer Romance

Dear Desmond ecover

Christmas Romance

Dear Maverick ecover

Meddling Friend Romance

Dear Gage ecover

Single Mom Romance

Dear Killian ecover

Written Letter Romance

POSSESSED Series Boxset


Grinched eCover

Holiday Romance

Unrestrained eCover

Menage/Amnesia Romance

Consumed eCover

PTSD Romance

Owned eCover

Age Gap Romance

Protectors Series Boxset


Kennedy's Redemption ebook

Tear Jerker

Emily's Protectors ebook

Romantic Suspense

Keeley's Fight ebook

Emotional Romance