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KL Donn is a USA Today Bestselling Author addicted to coffee and tacos. As a Canadian author she writes in multiple romance genres and isn't afraid of a new challenge. She brings you stories that will break your heart and heal it all in one breath. With over 70 published titles since 2015, she has many more planned for the future and enjoys connecting with readers.


On her off time, she's bingeing Supernatural, Grey's Anatomy, and raising 4 amazing children. Married for more than half her life, she experienced her own happily ever after with husband Steve, at just 17. You'll find them both at book signings once or twice a year, she's the shy one, he's there to tell you all about the books his wife writes and how proud he is of her.


Currently she is diving back into the Adair Empire world with the children and has plans to keep the series going with generations of dark stories to come.

Professional Inquiries

I am represented by SBR Media. For inquiries regarding foreign rights, audio, and other media outlets, please contact Ena Burnette.

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