Vashchenko Family

“You’re telling me that instead of paying your debt, byet' muzhchinoy, you’d sell your daughter for an in, to the next game?”




A picture says a thousand words.

Hers gives me a lifetime of peace.


I am Viktor Vashchenko.

Prince of darkness.

The last standing male in my blood line.


Emmaline Taylor will give me an heir.

Her life.

And when I’m finished

Her heart.

Street rat.




I spent years overcoming one only to become another.

Until finally, I was developed into a finely tuned killer.


I am Kodiak.

The man with no last name.

Born on the streets of Moscow.


I should be dead.

I feel dead inside.


Then I found her.


Madelyn Rossi.






For her, I became Kodiak Vashchenko.

For Mads, I live.

I wasn’t born a Vashchenko

I was transformed into one.


Yet, I’m brought to my knees in a single moment.

She walked into the room, tears streaking down her cheeks.

Chest heaving.

Body vibrating.


Fear lurked in the depths of her gaze,

And when I took her chin in my hand,

I knew.


I am Nikolai Vashchenko,

A deadly enforcer in the clan.


Scarlett Hudson holds my soul.

When I’m through with her,

She’ll hand me her body and her heart.

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