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Top Secret

Okay, so not like top TOP secret, since this is public, but SURPRISE! Maybe? I dunno!

Sometimes I just really feel the need to write "passion projects" and I think they turn out well. I mean look at the Uncontrolled Heroes universe or the Mafia Made world. They both started with books I just HAD to write. It's basically the same here!

I don't know when these books are coming, just that I have the desire to work on them as side projects.

Series title.png

Not even going to lie, I'm MOST excited to sit and start on this 2 book series. Technically speaking, I've already started on the first one. 

The Good & The Bad Things

Series is about 2 brothers on opposite sides of the law but willing to do ANYTHING for the women they love.

If you're in my reader group, I've spoken about this series a couple times. Once in November when I started it and everyone helped me out with naming a fictional city and a couple of other things too, but just recently I shared the series name as well. 

You can add both books to your TBR. They're titled TBD (to be determined) for now.  Once I've finished writing both, I'll be releasing more information. If I'm honest, I'd like to get both out in 2023 but we'll see.

Book 1 TBR: TG&TBT1

Book 2 TBR: TG&TBT2

What else?

Of course I have more! When do I not have SOMETHING more going on behind the scenes? I say always!

I'm not sure I have a series name for this one yet but get ready to meet brother's Maddox and Jacob Parker.

A couple of ranchers who've been burned by love in the past but have no problem buying the other a bride!

Things are going to get interesting on the Parker ranch first with Bullying my Bride where Jacob buys Maddox a Croatian bride and laughs all the way to the alter as Maddox realizes love ain't so bad!

I have no details for when, not even Goodreads listing yet. I'm having a blast working on Maddox's book when I get the desire and I'm just going to keep doing so.


Even More!

All the best ideas happen in the shower! No really, the Hey, Summer! Campground series is coming in the summer of 2023. The official announcement and book titles will be coming at the end of summer 2022, but for now, this is your tease!

I'm really excited to create this fun new world with multiple stories coming every 2-3 weeks from June to August 2023.

Each book will be a complete stand alone so you can pick it up anywhere and still have fun with it!

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