I am Crux Malcolm.
And she. Is. Mine.

Have you ever heard the sound of your life ending?
A cell door slamming shut is the best way to describe it.

I killed a man. A bad man. 
One who deserved far more than what I gave him.

He looked at her when she was mine.
He touched her when she was mine.
He broke her when she was mine.

I'm getting out on a technicality. 
Now, I'll get to make her mine.

She'll cry my name each night instead of his.
She'll feel my pleasure instead of his pain.

I am Crux Malcolm 

and it's my turn to get what's coming to me...
Farren Hallewell is my addiction and I'm obsessed.

I am Cross Malcolm.
And I get. What's. Mine.

Cattle are simple.
You take care of them; they take care of you.

Women, not so much.

They're fickle, stubborn and emotional.
They're time consuming and unapologetic.

And yet, I can't live without her.

She's passion and sin.
Heartache and innocence.

Isabella Sharp is every man's weakness.
She'll bring me to my knees.
And in return I'll worship her with my dying breath.

I am Cross Malcolm

After the secrets and through the lies...
Past the darkness and into the light...

I get what's mine.

Arrogantly Obsessed will be coming August 24th!

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