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From USA Today Bestselling Author KL Donn comes an obsessive, dark romance, where the hero may not win out in the end.

Street rat.
It’s what they’ve called me for years.
A nothing. A nobody.
The Renznikov brothers disagreed.
They took me in. Fed me. Clothed me.
Adopted me.
I have a home now. A place in life.
But I still don’t deserve her.
My darkness would extinguish her beautiful light.

Loving her is the sweetest agony I’ve ever felt,
and I’ll stop at nothing to ensure she gets the life she deserves.
Even if that means letting her go.

Tropes: New adult/coming of age, obsessive, wrong side of the tracks, rich/poor, consensual sexual knife/blood play, arranged/forced marriage.


Triggers: Dark romance, father sells her, descriptive violence and gore, off page sexual abuse to the hero, physical abuse to the heroine.

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