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Unrestrained Prologue


“Stop, oh God, stop!” He wouldn’t listen.

It was then that Pepper Wallace knew he was out to kill her. She’d finally summoned the courage to leave after days of him trying to force her into going further than she was ready for. Only, he’d rather beat her to death. Not for the first time, she feared this might be the end.

His grip in her hair was punishing.

“Where do you think you’re going to go?” he growled against her cheek, biting the flesh. The sting of ripping skin made her whimper.

“Please,” she begged again. Hope was dwindling. Blood dripped down her chin from the bite he just took out of her cheek and the bloody nose he’d given her.

His laughter rang loud in the otherwise empty chalet they were staying at. A supposed romantic weekend to get to know one another. She knew she shouldn’t have let her best friend, Tami, talk her into going. She should have trusted her gut. He was Tami’s brother’s friend, though, so she should have been able to have confidence in that.

“You’re mine, you fat bitch!” Grabbing the front of her sweater, he tossed her against the wall. The crack and vibration of her skull bouncing off it made her dizzy. Nausea rolled through her gut, and her vision blurred. “I’ve had my eye on you for longer than you know.”

Shrinking into the wall, she had no other option than to give into his demands until she could escape or die right then and there. She wasn’t ready to die.

For as long as Pepper could remember, she had always longed for a love so strong and so consuming that she couldn’t breathe. She wanted the love she read about in books. Unfortunately, as his boot came towards her face, she knew she was never going to experience that. Pain sliced through her skull like a thousand jackhammers. The nausea in her stomach became full-fledged vomiting, and the dizziness turned to black.

The last thing Pepper remembered was icy coldness.

Blinking her eyes open slowly, she watched as a heavy snow fell onto her, enveloping her in whiteness.

She didn’t even remember being moved outside.


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