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One Choice Prologue

Cracking knuckles.

Flesh hitting flesh.

Left hook, right hook. Jab.

The power behind each hit reverberated through Levi Hogan’s arms and directly to his heart, inflaming his need to inflict more pain on his opponent. The crowd’s cheering only spurred him on to swing faster, kick higher, cause more damage. The adrenaline rush flowing through his veins was unlike any drug some of the other fighters took before stepping into the ring. Levi got off on the pain. His pain, other’s pain. He needed it. Craved it.

A swift uppercut to his rival’s jaw ended the match as he felt the other man’s jaw crack in an unnatural way. Levi watched in fascination as he fell to the mat in slow motion. Blood dribbled from his nose, lip, and multiple open cuts along his cheek and jaw, pooling in a puddle below his unconscious face.

People were on their feet cheering for him, the underdog, the guy slated to lose. The bell rang, and the announcer hollered and cheered him on as the winner. Money exchanged hands. Dirty looks were given. Desperation was palpable in the air for those hoping he’d take the loss.

“Levi “Knuckles” Hogan, not a fucking scratch on him. The underdog, the motherfucking champ!” The announcer acted more excited than he was. “Hand over the money, pay your debts, and come back next week to see him fight another loser!”

Walking out of the home-made ring, Levi ignored the whores trying to get his attention and the fans wanting an autograph. He had to get out. Having no reason to keep up appearances since he fought in an underground ring, he had zero desire to make other people happy. All he wanted to do was fight. Inflicting pain was the only thing important to him. Being his first fight and win, he knew he was going to now have a reputation to uphold. Which meant harder training, more time, and letting his girlfriend go.

Christina had gotten clingier the longer their relationship went on. He hadn’t wanted anything serious when they first met, but the more they spent time together, the more he thought they could be. Until she met Soph. Her real colors showed through then.

Now, he wanted to start fresh, to move forward doing what he loved without the confines of a woman holding him down.

At least…

Not the right woman.

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