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Last Chance Love excerpt

“Three, two, one!” Jumping into the frigid water for the annual polar plunge in my hometown, Polar Bear, Alaska, the ice anesthetizes my muscles as I remain under for a few more seconds than necessary. As I pop up, hands reach down for me, but I dismiss them as I pull myself out of the freezing cold water.

Paramedics guide me over to one of the heated tents, where I’m handed a plush towel not quite big enough for my six and a half foot, nearly three-hundred-pound frame. My size is a plus in my line of work but can be a deficit in other aspects of life. As a logger during the summer months in Ketchikan, my size aligns perfectly, allowing me to perform the job of two men when needed. In the winters, I come home to rest and relax.

Growing up on Bear Mountain with my grandfather, he taught me all about woodworking and craftsmanship, so in the colder winter months, I’m able to keep up with the trade. Building furniture for the residents of Polar Bear as well as across the state keeps those lonely nights at bay and leaves me satisfied in a constructive way.

“Mr. Cole?” Glancing up, I’m stunned by the beauty smiling down at me. I’ve seen her around before, but I never caught her name. Her blonde hair is nearly white as she shows me the mukluks in her hand. “I made these. Would you like me to put them on you?” My eyes shift to the soft, worn leather adorned with intricate beadwork in blues and whites on the outside and lush wool inside. Nodding my acceptance, I can’t take my eyes off her slight frame as she kneels in front of me.

The heat of her hand on my calf as she lifts first one leg to slip the shoe on, and then the other goes straight to my groin. My dick begins to engorge in a way I haven’t felt in years. Thirty years old, and I’ve never had a committed relationship in my adult life because no woman has ever captured my attention the way this young lady has.

“EmaLeigh, let’s go!” an older woman, looking crankier than she has any right to, bellows at the lovely person at my feet, and as she smiles before taking off, regret sours my gut.

Something about her is tempting me to go after her, to claim her as my own.



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