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I am so thrilled to bring something new to you guys! Author interviews have always been fun for me so naturally I'm giving it to YOU!

At the beginning of each month, I'll interview a new author for you to get to know and love!

For February we have the lovely AJ Alexander and she is bringing the hotness with her brand new series releasing later this month!

Welcome AJ, I'm so excited to have you with us! Are you ready to give an in depth look at your writing?

  1. Tell us a bit about you! AJ Alexander is a wannabe psychologist, writer, and author of the recently completed, Odd Jobs Series. AJ’s passion is writing angst-filled, happily ever afters that have to be earned by her characters. Women with no backbone need not apply. AJ uses sarcasm and an unlimited supply of song lyrics to bring her romance novels to life. AJ lives in the angst capital of the world, Seattle Washington with her own personal knight in shining armor and her two beautiful girls.

  2. Who or what inspired you to write? Dylan Allen and Kennedy Ryan. These two ladies are who I want to be. The type of woman I teach my daughter's to strive to become.

  3. If you could have dinner with any 3 authors (dead or alive) who would you choose and what would you like to talk to them about? Jane Austen, Edgar Allen Poe and Kennedy Ryan. How it is to be a minority writer (genee, gender, and race) as well as how do you maintain your individuality when everyone is demanding you confirm.

  4. If you could recommend one book of yours to a new reader, which would you choose? Why? Save Me. Honestly because it was the hardest for me to write while also the one I keep closest to my heart.

  5. Which of your characters do you relate to most? Or which is most similar to your personality? Avery from the SEAL'ed series, minus the same sex relationship part. Mainly because I based her off of me lol. She is loud, acts on impulse, is fiercely loyal to a fault, and doesn't take shit from anyone.

  6. What’s your favourite book you’ve written to date? Trade In. Liam and Rachael's story is probably my favorite story to have written. It just flew into the pages with such ease.

  7. Do you talk certain scenes out with anyone to be sure they’re accurate or can be done? I talk EVERYTHING out with my husband. I usually need to bounce things off someone or even need to talk a scene out in order to make sure it flows properly.

  8. What do you do to celebrate writing the end on a book? Lol nothing. I guess start the next one. Im a very schedule oriented person so I have all my writing planned out for the year.

  9. What are your publishing goals for the next 6 months? Honestly, to be able to keep publishing. It hasn't been easy for me. This business is hard, I love writing but not everyone can make a living from something they love. I want to be able to be lucky enough to do so.

  10. Can readers find you at any events in the future? Sure can! I'll be at Bella Nola at the end of February. Reader and Writers with you in July. Sassy in Seattle in September and finishing the year off at Shameless in Nov. Not sure what 2021 holds yet but we shall see.

  11. If you weren’t an author, what would you be? A psychologist. It is what I went to college and graduate school for after all lol.

  12. Do you have a favourite book? Yes. Pride and prejudice by Jane Austen

  13. What are you working on now? My Scandalous Daddies Club with Rebecca Gallo. An upcoming series I plan to start releasing in 2021 called Dixie point and a secret project I can't share yet!

  14. If you had one piece of advice for a new author, what would you tell them? Don't compare yourself! Your journey is not like anyone elses. Trust in your words.

  15. Do you have an excerpt from your current WIP you’d like to share? Yes, from Academic Integrity, coming Feb 6th.

My watch beeps, signaling it’s time for my lecture to begin. “It’s now or never,” I grumble into the empty lecture hall. As if on cue, students file into the space. One by one they take their seats, eagerly waiting for their college experience to begin.

“Everyone take a seat quickly. We have a lot to cover today.”

“Wait, you’re actually teaching today?” one of the students asks.

“Your name?”


I push my horn-rimmed glasses further up on my nose and level him with a practiced look. “Tyler, today is your first day of college. Yes, I plan on lecturing. You are here to learn, are you not?” Crossing my arms over my chest, I wait for a response. Instead, Tyler mumbles under his breath as he takes a seat. As the trickle of students slows, I lean back against the podium and begin my introduction.

“My name is Julian. You can call me by my name; I’m not one for titles. This is Introduction to Shakespeare.” I turn toward the white board and write my contact information. “I will not have a teaching assistant for this class, so if you need help, contact me directly and I will try my best to assist you.” I look over my shoulder as I continue writing. “If everyone would please examine their syllabus, we will go over it before we begin the lecture.”

Papers and bags rustle as someone comes barging into the lecture hall.

“It is in your best interest to be on time for my class. In the future, the door will be locked once the lecture begins.” I do not bother to address the latecomer. Tardiness is a pet peeve and I won’t indulge whomever is interrupting my attention.

“But I’m your new TA.”

Two things make me turn at once. The familiar feminine voice, and that my intruder claims to be my teaching assistant. Anger boils in my veins. I’m astonished at the blatant disrespect for my wishes and the terms set forth in my contract by Stephanie and Danville University.

I spin on my heel and come face-to-face with the woman who has starred in my fantasies every night since she left my bed.


Thank you so much for joining us AJ! Don't forget to pre-order her delicious Scandalous Daddies Club coming February 6th to KU!!


She was only supposed to be a summer fling, so why is the woman I thought I’d never see again barging into my classroom?

She wants a second chance but Meghan's been telling lies.

I’ll give it to her but first she needs to learn a lesson. One I’m more than happy to teach her.

So what if I’m risking my academic integrity.

She’s worth it. Especially when she’s on her knees calling me daddy.

Dear Reader: Class is in session! Julian is a sexy-as-sin professor ready to teach you a lesson. Make sure you’re on time because he doesn’t like tardiness. And you better take notes because there definitely will be a quiz. Love, AJ + Rebecca

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