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Happy Taco Tuesday everyone! I hope your week is treating you well! Can you believe how close we are to 2019 already? Where did this year go?!

As you likely know, I don't do blog posts often, I usually just post all updates on FB and call it done! Today is the exception to the rule for a couple of reasons:

First: This is gonna be a long post #SorryNotSorry

Second: You'll be able to save the link to this post and come back for all the things I'm gonna share!

Third: I have lots of links for you, from goodreads, to signups, & more!

Let's start off easy shall we?


Did you see Obsessive Addiction is LIVE!! Gosh, you guys! I'm so blown away by all the love Crux and Farren have been getting! I won't lie, quite a few reviews have had me in tears many times!

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Onto my next release! Lucky Christmas is coming on Dec 4th and I'm so excited! The cover reveal is on Nov 7th (My birthday) and you can signup for the reveal and release HERE! If you didn't know, Lucky Christmas features the brother of the heroine, Pepper, from Lost & Found. James was always a special character to me, and I'm thrilled to give him a short story!

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I know many of you found me through your love of menage books and I'm thrilled to announce I've got a brand new menage series coming soon! So soon, in fact, Unraveling Love, is the first book in the Damaged Love series and will be releasing on January 8th! Nov 22nd will be the cover reveal of what I have to say is one of my favorite covers of all time! This is a MFM menage featured in Susan Stoker's Special Forces: Operational Alpha world. I'm so excited to be able to feature one of my favorite characters from her (Tex from Protecting Melody) in my very own book!

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Susan Stoker Protecting Melody Operation Alpha


The super exciting news I know so many of you have been waiting for!

Missing in Action is coming!

As soon as I've finished writing Unraveling Love, I'll be taking a bit of a writing break. I want to give myself some time to not only decompress from what a huge year this has been, but also Christmas will be here and I'd like to give my kids, my husband, and our animals, the most attention I can. Something I've learned this past year is that I work myself to the bone. Now this isn't a bad thing, it just leaves me exhausted.

That said! I have exciting news about Task Force 779! Missing in Action is coming sooner than I had anticipated. I'm looking at a May release instead of June, but I'm secretly hoping to give it to you in April! I don't have a solid date nailed down yet, and I won't until probably March, but you'll of course be the first ones to know!

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As many of you know, Aurora Rose Reynolds and her husband have begun the process on creating Boom Factory Publishing and will be hosting another Happily Ever Alpha World in April of 2019! I had wanted to publish in that launch with my title Until Hale, unfortunately I won't be able to make the deadlines for that one. HOWEVER, I am publishing Until Hale in the October 2019 launch!

Until Hale will be about a country music star with some trouble on her hands. Jax Mayson will be featured character from ARR's Until Series world.

I'm taking on a huge task for this book and I couldn't be more excited!

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Aurora Rose Reynolds Until Jax Boom Factory Publishing


I hope this has helped you figure out a bit of my schedule for 2019. There is a couple of more books I'd like to add to the schedule, but as I showed in 2018, they may not happen. I write where my muse takes me and sometimes I can finish a series before starting another, but often times I get distracted with a new idea and have to roll with it.

Here's a list of other books I'm working on, on the side and hope to add to my publications. Just click on the titles and it'll lead you over to goodreads.

Broken Love | Rough Hands | With Kol | Dear Steele

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