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HUGE announcement!

You guys! I've got some great news! So most of you know I'm participating in another kindle world novella release for Aurora Rose Reynolds. (I embarrassed myself when she asked, not even gonna lie) And I'm absolutely thrilled with the progress of this story!

I give you Until Arsen: Book 1 in the Daniels Family series.

There will be a nice big ol cover and blurb reveal happening very soon!

Bet you're wondering why I'm telling you this now if I'm not sharing huh?


As you know, right now, kindle world books are only available in the Amazon US store. They can't be released on other platforms as well. SOOOOOO here's what I'm doing!

With Kol: Book 2 in the Daniels Family


Before Noah: Book 3 in the Daniels Family

Will both be released as novellas into KINDLE UNLIMITED!

I'm working very hard at releasing them all close together so you don't have to wait long!

Hope this is worth the information!

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