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One Call Update

Summer is in full swing in my household and with that means wayyyyy too many distractions for me. When I started the Hogan Brother's series I had always intended to release them a month apart. I can't even begin to tell you how disappointed I am that I've barely made a dent in Lochlan's story. His book is by far likely the hardest topic I've every tried to tackle.

Sage is so young, and even more complex that I ever imagined she would be. Loch is so much different than his brother's that he's having a hard time speaking to me.

I need this book to be perfect and sweet, and everything I want it to be. I have so much planned for this book I'm often overwhelmed and have no idea what I'm doing on a good day lol.

He is coming. I just don't know when. August 24th will be the cover reveal and I'm hoping to have a better idea of the release day for it, but right now I don't have a clue.

As for ARCs, I've gotten a lot of questions about that. I do have an ARC team, I do blog signups, I do giveaways but honestly, I'm not sure I'll be doing any of that with One Call. Each of these options for One Choice disappointed me in a huge way. Whether it's someone accepting the ARC and not reviewing (Happens too many times with blog ARCs) or it's me having to remind people to get them reviews up, or people just deciding hey I have the book, I don't need to review (asshole move BTW) I'm not sure I have the tolerance to hand them out as freely as I have before.

That's not to say there won't be any, I'll just be a lot more selective. And badgering me about ARCs isn't going to make me choose you to get one either. Especially if that's the only time you interact with me.

I've had a lot of time to reflect on this community I love so much in the last few weeks, and honestly I'm not sure I like what I see anymore. When I came on the scene 5 years ago as a reader, everyone was friendly and nice, and happy to recommend books. Now everything has become a popularity contest, and I do mean everything; signings, parties, cliques, who can get what model/photographer, and so many other stupid petty things.

Readers complain about content, and warnings, and they want to know if it's a cliffhanger/hea/cheating/triggers. Well you know what? Sometimes by giving those things away it means as authors we're giving away a HUGE plot point, and tell me, how is that fair to anyone?

Authors judging and bashing genre's (Specifically dark romance I've seen a lot) and complaining about readers and their reviews. I've seen one too many authors sending their street teams to attack bad reviews. And ya I get it, when the review attacks you as a person that fucking hurts. We've all had it. Goodreads is a pit of vipers that makes it impossible to be happy with yourself.

Bloggers bitching about too many ARCs, not enough ARCs, being not good enough because they're following isn't as big, what the fuck ever. DO YOU. Plain and simple. One of my favourite blogs has less than 1000 likes and I love Sansa because she's amazing! She does her and let's no one influence that. Do that. Be you.

I'm tired of the negativity in this community period. I try to avoid most of it. I really do. Sometimes I can't. Sometimes I need to have an opinion. And you know what the really sad thing is? As authors, we can't. Because if we do, we get bad reviews. Yeah people do that. Pathetic as it may be. It doesn't seem to matter that our books get pirated by just about anyone, but then we have an opinion and people attack us in review form.

After I release One Call I will be making a difficult decision of whether I even want to remain in this community or not. I'm a pretty forgettable person because people give me such severe anxiety that it's hard to interact with y'all. And when it's to the point where I have to watch every word I say, I have to wonder if the anxiety and soul crushing nerves are really worth it.

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