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Hey guys! Gosh it's been a crazy couple of months with lots of edits, 2 releases, and a partridge in a pair tree! <-- I dunno, seemed like the thing to say <shrugs>

Any who, ok so, One Choice... LOTS of surprises and potential right? I am *so* thrilled to announce, yes Cam & Tiny get a book! Even better, it's a MENAGE! <le sigh> Their leading lady will be Lys (Alyssa) #TLC <-- Thank you Kaci! ;) LOL Theirs will be a complete stand alone and the cover is STUNNING! I'm not sure of a release day yet, because my focus right now is LOCHLAN!! I know you're excited!

Let's see who else.... Brett! And Allegra... I know you're intrigued. They will be getting a book. But not for at least a year. If you recall Allegra was pretty young, and Alyssa was trying to keep Brett from doing something rash, so they've got some growing to do.

Do you remember Braxton? Sophia's bodyguard? He gets a book too! His will be slightly darker and a complete stand alone as well. Likely it'll be a novella for my dark side. Hehehe.

That surprise ending! Yes! That girl be crazy I know! Trust me when I say you'll be amazed what I've got planned for that one! More on it later this summer!

The Adair Empire and the Love Letters series... So the Love Letters is a fun, get away from life and deadlines series for me, so those books will come at the same pace they have been. They'll always be short, sweet & fun! The Adair's are being pushed back to early next year because I've fallen behind and well one of the characters got real quiet while I was writing his book, so I had to stop. But the first 2 are finished and ready for my editor. More about them later in the year!

Tattooed & Alone for Christmas will be finished and released just in time for THIS Christmas lol. I plan to do a few rewrites in the first part that has already been released and because of this, I'll be taking it out of publication on July 1st.

I think I've covered everything. If I haven't, y'all know me, just ask! Unless I've got plans already I'll keep you updated as much as possible!

Thanks for sticking with me guys!

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