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The Protectors Series

Keeley's FIght ebook.jpg

From USA Today Bestselling Author KL Donn comes her debut novel, Keeley's Fight. The first standalone ménage romance in The Protectors Series.

Keeley Stone spent her entire life as a punching bag. Hiding, first, from her parents and then the inquiries into her home life. Keeley had faith in no one.
Abused, broken down, and ready to give up, she would do almost anything to obtain the freedom to leave her shattered life behind.
Including ceding her fragile trust to the two strangers longing to guard not only her body but her heart as well.

Nathaniel and Tyler Maxwell knew from the moment they saw the raven-haired beauty in the beat-up diner that they would do anything to make her theirs. But gaining the young woman’s trust was easier said than done.
As security experts, they knew when to push and when to pull back. And watching over Keeley was a pleasure they intended to bask in.

Would they be able to earn her affections, or was Keeley too shattered to fight for the love they all deserved, together, forever?

Emily's Protectors ebook.jpg

From USA Today Bestselling Author KL Donn comes Emily's Protectors, the second standalone novel in her debut series, The Protectors. A suspenseful ménage romance.

Emily Baxter had been on the run from a psychotic stalker for two years and had no idea who to turn to for help. Overhearing a conversation in line at the bank, she sought out the professional advice of Maxwell Secures.
Determined to finally bring her nightmare to an end, Emily was unprepared for the attraction to her two protectors. Fighting them every step of the way, she had no idea that her biggest battle would be with herself and her own feelings.

Dane Johnston and Cooper Sheppard thought it would be a routine job. Save the client, catch the stalker, move on to find the girl that would complete their romantic trio. After meeting Emily, though, they realized they had everything they wanted right in front of them.
However, mystery surrounded Emily’s stalker, and after one jagged piece got exposed, the rest fell into place, and what came barrelling towards them left them all reeling.

Not only was her deranged admirer a serial killer, but he’d had his sights on Emily for a long time, and the fallout left not only Emily, Dane, and Cooper stunned, but a beloved friend as well.

Could these three move forward after tragedy strikes, or would the stalker win in the end after all?

Kennedy's Redemption ebook.jpg

From USA Today Bestselling Author KL Donn comes Kennedy's Redemption, the third and final standalone novel in her debut series, The Protectors Series. A contemporary ménage romance.

Kennedy Maxwell had grand plans for her future until the day her life exploded, literally, and now she spends her nights fighting the demons attacking her soul. Trapped in the abusive memories of her abduction, Kennedy felt lost and alone.
Running from her problems had never been her idea of smart until the freedom offered solitude in a way that soothed her and her family couldn’t understand.
Never did she expect to be found by the two men who witnessed her on her worst day. Even if they helped calm the raging inferno inside of her.

Twins Creedence and Lincoln Black had spent their adult lives taking down one bad guy after another. When an old friend called for help, they didn't hesitate to show up. After assisting on a case and saving the two girls, they were hit with a desire and longing for one of them.
The problem was, she was in no place to even consider what they wanted for and from her. When she ran away without a word to anyone, Linc and Creed didn't stop looking until they found her.
But convincing her that they were sincere and only wanted to spend their lives worshipping her was more challenging than either would have imagined. When Kennedy finally opened herself up to them, her demons chased her through her nightmares until she wasn't sure what was real anymore.
Bringing her home, they returned to the hell they rescued her from, only to find it burned to the ground. A peace settled in Kennedy, and she was left wondering if the brothers could truly be her redemption.

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