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Snowed In ecover.jpg

He’s brooding, snarly and grumpy.

She’s young, shy and only wants him.


They’re oil and water,

Fire and ice.


But when the snow starts to fall, 

And the weather turns turbulent,

So does their attraction.


Snowed In for the weekend,

He’ll do everything he can to keep her.

She’ll do anything to prove why he should.


Her eyes Tempt Me.

She looks like sin.

She dances like an angel.


His hands Tease Me.

He watches with a dark stare.

He touches as if he owns me.


She was my student.

He was my principal.


She won’t let me go.

He can’t walk away.


Trick or Treat 

It’s time to


Treat Me ecover.jpg
Dirty ecover.jpg

she's my best friend’s neighbor.
off limits. taboo.
i'm a cop. bound by law.

he's the hot cop.

i'm in high school.
too immature.

she's too young.
he's a playboy.

so why are we both breaking the rules and falling in love?

i can't walk away
and she won't say no.

it's time to get