Dear Killian ecover.jpg

A love that defies time and distance.

Dear Killian, 
Those two words start something I wasn't intending - something I wasn't looking for.

Dear Jersey, 
When every battlefield leaves me feeling alone, only letters from her give me peace.

Dear Gage ecover.jpg

A match made... by an 8-year-old?

Dear Paisley,
I wasn’t looking for love. 
I was fine with the life I had. 
Then you wrote me and a whole new world opened up.

Dear Gage,
I’ve been alone so long. 
Lost, scared, raising a son who needed a real man. 
Then you came along. 
Opening our hearts to your loyalty.

Dear Maverick ecover.jpg

Whoops!... She butted in!

Dear Maverick,
You weren’t supposed to get my letter.
I only needed to vent.
But, I wouldn’t change a thing.

Dear True,
I thought you were fake.
Then you rambled, and lost your filter.
Sometimes you just need to connect with someone.

Dear Desmond ecover.jpg

Love by accident...

Dear North,
I don’t know what I expected.
This wasn’t it.
You weren’t it.
And yet, you’re everything.

Dear Desmond,
I was so alone, until your letter.
Your compassion gave me life.
Your love is my everything.

Dear Lena ecover.jpg


Dear Lena,

I watched from a distance.

Waited for my time.

And now you’ll be mine.


I should be worried.

You could be a stalker.

But I find, love letters with you are addicting.


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