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From USA Today Bestselling Author KL Donn comes the Mafia Made series, featuring novels from Award-Winning Author E.M. Shue. His Protection is book 7 in the Mafia Made Series.


Maso Cardarelli is the oldest brother.

The protector.

He makes the hard choices, the biggest sacrifices.

When the opportunity to bring his new sister-in-law closure presents itself, he doesn’t hesitate to step up to the job.

What he doesn’t expect is to fall in love with the girl he was sent to rescue.

She doesn’t speak with words, but her eyes…

They say everything.

And she stares at him with stars in their deep pools of emerald green.

After swearing off women years ago, Maso is torn between being her hero and breaking her heart.


Bria Marino is not prepared to fall in love with her dark protector.

He swears he’s not the one for her.

But his touch…she feels coveted.

Men lie, betray, and break women like her.

But she’s ready to put everything on the line if only Maso will too.


After breaking down her walls and opening her heart to love, will Maso be just like every other man in Bria’s life, or will he put her back together piece by fractured piece?


Author Note: While His Protection is set in a Mafia world, it’s on the lighter side and focuses more on the relationship between Maso and Bria and the emotional turmoil she goes through.

Trigger warning: There is mention of and flashbacks of Bria’s past physical and sexual abuse. 


Get His Solace in Hardcover or Paperback

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