Protecting and serving was his duty. But the mafia is in his blood. 

Domino Cardarelli swore to protect the innocent. Even if that means crossing every drawn line to do so. Posy Morello is his new duty. She’s the only one who matters. 

Until his father calls.

A girl, the man Domino has hardly seen his entire life, has been caring for is in trouble.

Nicola Salvatore was stolen, then sold, then arrested. Her life has been one of tragedy since the day she was conceived. On her eighteenth birthday, she’s released from juvenile detention and into the custody of the son of the man who bought her four years ago.

Mysterious and deadly, Nicola foolishly falls in love. 

But Domino shows no emotion.

Except he’d follow her to the ends of the earth and back. 

Never thinking he’d have to show it though, he’s shocked when Nicola leaves without a word. 

Domino quickly learns all she needed was him.

He’s only ever had one job: Protect and Serve.

Until his little jailbird.